Dr. Cheryl Arutt is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist in private practice specializing in trauma recovery and creative artist issues. Her approach to therapy emphasizes insight, self-awareness and empowerment to help people have more gratifying lives.

Dr. Cheryl is also a nationally recognized expert on PTSD, a sought-after mental health commentator on national TV programs & podcasts, a high profile speaker and forensic consultant. 

She strongly believes in the human capacity to heal from trauma and is a passionate advocate for the understanding of mental health issues both in and beyond the consulting room. 

Emotionally Courageous

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Shining A Spotlight on Creative Issues

"You don’t have to be in pain to do great work as an artist."

- Dr. Cheryl

A nationally recognized expert on PTSD and Certified EMDR therapist, Dr. Cheryl believes that there are those who survived their trauma and those who come back to life.

Trauma Recovery

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Dr. Cheryl has spent two decades helping creative artists enhance their resilience, confront obstacles to living full-access lives, and find sanctuary so they can dare to be emotionally courageous and fulfill their dreams.

Creative Artist Issues

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Dr. Cheryl is a forensic expert and consultant, providing evaluations for Court, criminal profiling and expert witness testimony.

Forensic Psychology

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Dr. Cheryl is a prestigious speaker, delivering insightful and moving talks, presentations and webinars on a variety of mental health topics.

Talks & Presentations

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Dr. Cheryl is highly sought after as a clinical and forensic expert on national television, films/documentaries, radio, podcasts and magazines.

She is a consummate media professional, with extensive studio and live media experience.

Media & Press


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