Dr. Cheryl is a prestigious speaker, delivering insightful and moving talks, presentations and webinars on a variety of mental health topics.

Dr. Cheryl's dynamic presence combined with her deep understanding of human motivations, actions and struggles provides an exceptional foundation for speaking engagements. 

From live keynotes, fundraisers and TEDx talks, to virtual events and expert video series, her talks on self-regulation, trauma and creativity have made a profound impact on audiences and participants nationwide.

Talks & Presentations

“There was a singular moment during the series on trauma and PTSD with Dr. Arutt that changed my life forever. In all my years of therapy and self-reflection, I never reached the level of clarity that moment in the series brought me. I wish I could explain the level of relief I now have because of this clarity.”

— MedCircle Member

“With the challenges that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled that Dr. Cheryl agreed to speak to our community about thriving under stress, and becoming present and emotionally courageous. Dr. Cheryl is wonderful.”

— UCLA Alumni Affairs

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