Dr. Cheryl is highly sought after as a clinical and forensic expert on national television, films/documentaries, radio, podcasts and magazines.

She is a consummate media professional, with extensive studio and live media experience. Her style is sophisticated yet accessible and her commentary is spot-on and engaging.

Media & Press

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Dr. Cheryl is often called the "Voice of Reason" by fans of national news and TV shows for her psychological analysis of high profile cases and news of the day.  

She is a frequently requested guest as an expert on a range of psychological topics, appearing on well over 100 live national television shows on networks including CNN, HLN, truTV and FOXNews, ABC, NBC, CBS. 

Search & Employ Magazine

Mom Magazine

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Featured Magazine Articles

MOJEH Magazine

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The Cost of Creativity

Got a Showbiz kid?

The Elephant in the Room

People Magazine

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Real Life Nightmare

Featured Creative Artist Issue Articles

The Artist’s Unconscious and the Metaphor of Birth

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Affect Regulation and the Creative Artist

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By Dr. Cheryl Arutt

By Dr. Cheryl Arutt

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History of Opium/Weekly Infusion

The Creative Genius Podcast with Kate Sheperd

Your Life After Trauma

Featured Podcasts

Ep # 33 - Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Cheryl Arutt
Dr. Stephen Porges, originator of Polyvagal Theory, with special guest Cheryl Arutt PsyD.

"The Brain Science of Creativity"
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YLAT Podcast - Becoming More Present
Michele Rosenthal with guest Dr. Cheryl Arutt

This Life You Live

NFL Pro Player Insiders

Ep 86 - Tom Arnold and Dr. Cheryl Arutt
Tom Arnold looks into his past trauma experiences with psychologist Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest.

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse
Featuring Dr. Cheryl Arutt with Dr. Vincent Felitti, founder of the ACEs Study, survivor/advocate Matt Sandusky, and former NFL player Al Chesley.

All About Women with Dr. Drew

Ep 08 - Dr. Cheryl Arutt
Dr. Drew and Dr. Cheryl discuss women's issues and mental health.

Diverse Thinking Different Learning

"Ep. 89: Understanding and Helping Kids Cope with Trauma with Dr. Cheryl Arutt" Hosted by Dr. Karen Wilson

The Dr. Drew Podcast

Ep #068: Dr. Cheryl Arutt joins Dr. Drew and Lynette Carolla for a discussion about psychology, Adam Carolla, and the Jodi Arias trial. 

Creative Consultations

Dr. Cheryl consults with actors, writers, directors, showrunners and other creatives to support script and character development through psychological insight and forensic psychology expertise.

Contact Dr. Cheryl to arrange consultation for your script or show.

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